Purchase New Farming Equipment in North Dakota

Cake Feeder

Jurgens Farm Service offers new farming equipment in North Dakota from top brands in the industry. We have My-D Han-D cake feeders available in:

  • 500# ATV
  • 1,000#
  • 1,200#
  • 1,500#
  • 1,800#
  • 2,500#
Catle Hay Feeder

You can purchase The Hay Manager cattle hay feeder from our inventory. We also have models available for calves, sheep, and horses.

Our Stampede hydraulic chute features:

  • 220-Volt Hydraulic Pump
  • Optional Palpation Cage Attached
  • Parallel Squeeze
Stampede Hydraulic Chute
Portable Corral

At Jurgens Farm Service, we also have a Wrangler super large gooseneck portable corral that can accommodate 250 cow/calf pairs or 500 800# calves. We also have large models available for 150 cow/calf pairs or 300 800# calves.